Bengaluru Design Week is a festival that brings together the practitioners, academics, and ambassadors of the design industry and lovers of design from the business world, institutions and the neighborhoods of Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Design Week celebrates design through an exhibition of design, inspiring talks, panel discussions, workshops, a marketplace for unique design products, a one-of-its-kind design film festival, visits to Bengaluru’s design workplaces and many many more events across the city.

Design Week provides a peek into the delightful world of design in Bengaluru, its role in our society and its impact on driving business and meaningful change in the modern world.

About ADI

Association of Designers of India (ADI) is a registered society and trust that is aligned towards industry, as a design community that is exceptionally skilled, extremely diverse and across domains.

One of the key interests of ADI is to create, catalyze and support a vibrant creative environment in India. It fosters a meaningfully engaged design community through talks, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, competitions, design mixers and conversation on social media and offline.

ADI represents and highlights the design profession both in India and globally, and creates a meaningful interface with the industry, academia, users and policymakers.

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