about CLIFFESTO 2K18 - NIT Uttarakhand
Cliffesto is an amalgam of a plethora of events which encompass every possible flavour. The inception of Cliffesto is with the aim of promoting arts and entertainment through various cultural events and activities; encouraging innovation in technology through various technical competitions in the field of engineering like robotics, wireless electricity transfer, bridge building, etc. Apart from this a National Level Rafting and Kayaking Workshop, and a Best Innovation Challenge will be chief attractions of Cliffesto along with the performance of a popular band or a popular singer in the “Pro-nite”, as well as a congregation of eminent poets in the “Sham-e-Shayari”.

Cliffesto promises to play an important role in bringing students of varying backgrounds from engineering, arts, humanities to even medicine on the same platform. Cliffesto has something for everyone and promotes fruitful enjoyment. Apart from the pomp and show of a college fest, the National Level Rafting and Kayaking Workshop will be a major attraction for youth, also the visitors and participants of Cliffesto will have a chance to visit the famous Auli Ski Resort for skiing. The "Best Innovation Challenge" which carries a handsome reward for the winner which will bring the most innovative minds on one stage. Cliffesto will also provide a platform to school going students to showcase their skills and talent through a "School Quiz" and an "Innovation Exhibition".

Taking the efforts of all our students and participants into account, we hope to make the event a quintessence of innovation powered by zeal and zest.
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