Student-driven club activity sessions can be vividly seen in the department premises. A wide range of fun-filled , yet ,informative activities and tasks are conducted as a part of the proceedings of the club sessions ,under the mentorship of department’s highly qualified faculty members. Facebook pages are also active on behalf of the clubs to enlighten those who missed the opportunity to take part in them and also to inform other active members about the variety of talent being displayed on-demand.

The core value of Nisadhya being pooling and sharing of marketing skills and talent can be explicitly perceived through the events that are being steered through the sessions. Industrial experts are also invited to present a fair share of their expertise to the budding managers to capture the highlighted skill set. Moreover, it is understood that if a measurement isn’t appropriate, the management won’t be adequate. Hence, disseminating trending ideas is the key to measure the management of multi-functional concepts in marketing which is being stressed upon by members of the club.
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