about Presidency University (Placement cell)
The Placement Team sends invitation to the Recruiters with relevant details regarding the Final Placements.
Recruiters convey their intention to participate by submitting a Job Notification Form (JNF) for each profile they wish to hire for.
The companies have to inform us of the recruitment process followed by them including the types and number of rounds for selection.

The Placement Team communicates the dates for campus visit for each recruiter by considering factors like student preference, job profile etc.
Companies are encouraged to give pre-placement talks before the commencement of recruitment process. This gives students a chance to know more about the company, work culture, growth opportunities and learning and advancement opportunity at the organisation. They will also get a clear idea of the kind of profile that they would be working on. This would enable the students to make an informed choice and help enhance the effectiveness of the company’s selection process.
HR can conduct different rounds of selection process and inform the names of selected students to the Placement Department, which in turn shall inform the concerned students of the same.

Final Job Offers would be provided by the companies, which shall be accepted and acknowledged by the students. All the job offers will be channeled through the Placement Department. A Job Offer is considered to be valid only if the Placement Department is in receipt of the written communication of the same. Any form of verbal or telephonic communication will not be considered as job offers.

List of selected students should be announced on the pre agreed date. Delay or failing to do so may result in the candidate getting another offer.
The offers letters for the selected candidate should either be mailed or sent to the Placement Department within 15 days of the final selection.
Presidency follows ‘One Offer per Student’ policy and a student’s name will be automatically deleted from the placement process as soon as she/he receives a firm Job Offer from any organisation and will not be eligible to participate in further placement process.

In case any company wants the selected student to join them prior to the completion of the academic year / University exams (early joining), the same shall be informed by the company to the Placement Department. The permission for the same is granted on case to case basis and the College reserves the right to approve or disapprove the same.
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