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Jadavpur University has always been an epitome of excellence and the perfect example of a place meant for holistic development of an individual. Ever since 1955, JU has been leading the front, be it for technical expertise or cultural prowess.

However, some time back in 2007, few individuals of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Jadavpur University grew restless thinking of how JU despite being an ocean of scientific mastery, was not contributing towards a platform for technical recreation. Every body could do classes, attend labs, have an 'adda' at the field, crack complex research problems, or make merry dancing to songs at a fest. But as a leading technical institution, how was JU enabling others to explore their technical selves through recreation?

Thus, SRIJAN was conceived. :)

SRIJAN has always dedicated itself to the idea of promoting, showcasing, and encouraging concepts and research beyond the known periphery. Oddities are cheered, out-of-the-box thinking is lauded, and most importantly a platform is given to translate technical knowledge into realistic applications. SRIJAN has in its objectives to reflect the respect Jadavpur University commands in form of the talent supportive acts it anchors.

Today, SRIJAN stands proudly as the biggest and most prestigious techno-management fest in the City of Joy. Being a part of SRIJAN is like working at a startup: there are no fixed methods of working, you do not know whether your experiments will succeed, everyone has to do all kinds of work, you have to be bonded strongly to your teammates, and the learning and exposure is immense! :)

1955 to 2007 might have been a long time for SRIJAN to come into being, but 2007 to 2018 have been years of putting together blood and sweat to establish our beloved techno-management fest. Our track record is not a license to rest, but a challenge from our predecessors which we gladly accept. A shout-out to all our lovely seniors who worked day in and day out to make SRIJAN the favorite destination for all the dreamers and believers !

A month away from SRIJAN 2018, today we retrospect contact what has gone and introspect contact what is to come. With arms wide open, we invite everyone to come join us for 3 days of innovation, fun, recreation, brainstorming, productivity, and merry! We invite you to F.E.T.S.U. presents SRIJAN 2018.
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