about The Entrepreneurship Cell of Aryabhatta College
The Entrepreneurship Cell of Aryabhatta college is a platform to give it's students an opportunity to bring out their hidden talents, who have the curiosity to learn and who think their ideas need to be turned into business plans. The society grooms it's students by group discussions, seminars, B-Plan events, quizzes, workshops and entrepreneur competitions etc.

Our Thinking:
The society aims to provide a platform to the
students to explore and develop their hidden talent in
the world of entrepreneurship. Hence, we are open to all new ideas no matter what the field.

Our Outreach:
Being part of a premier university we have access to thousands of students and others.

Our Events:
Our events can vary from Social programs like blood donation drives to Hardcore events like B-Plan summits and mock stocks. Don't worry, we do fun activities like treasure hunts also ;)
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