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This workshop will helps participants understand the power of Empathy-based Innovation, develop a customer-centric mindset, and help in understanding the big picture to solve problems and change mindsets. Leveraging simulations and activities which help explore dimensions of Whole-Brain Thinking, the programme combines right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis; increases the capacity for breakthrough ideas and insights that lead to success.

Through strong use of experiential techniques, Audio-Visual methods and “learning by doing” approach, the programme helps participants walk away with new tools and experiences that are useful and innovative, in application and impact.

Workshop Objectives:

• Understand and experience User centered, Iterative Innovation through Design Thinking methods.

• Apply Empathy Research approaches to understand Users, their needs, challenges, expectations and desires, and apply powerful UX Maps tools to make sense of the data.

• Apply creativity to look for alternatives, explore dynamics and challenge status quo through Divergent and Convergent Thinking and Active Visualizations to develop a Big Picture thinking.

• Develop a collaborative approach to solving issues at work, engage in an exciting environment of co creation and creativity.

Who should attend?

This program is ideal for professionals in the product/software tech product space from any industry. The workshop would benefit teams from the same organization who will use these principles to tackle specific product design challenges, aid their problem-solving techniques and/or are looking for new approaches to finding solutions.

This includes: Startup Founders, Product Managers, Product Developers, Social Enterprise leaders, Business Strategists, Marketing Heads, R&D heads, Engineering Managers, Design Enthusiasts, Designers, Brand Managers, Academia etc

Additionally, this course is designed for anyone interested in implementing a more human-centred approach to their products & services. For CEO’s, Founders, you need not be a Designer or have a design background to understand the concepts that will be explained in this workshop.

Registration Cost:

INR Rs.800 (Per Person, inclusive of lunch).

Limited seating capacity. Tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis!

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