A hands-On Workshop on Low Power Embedded Systems using TI-MSP430 Micro Controller was organized on 2nd and 3rd March, 2013 in collaboration with Cranes Software International Limited and TI India University Program as a part of SRAJAN 2013. Cranes Software International Limited provides Enterprise statistical analytics and Engineering Simulation software, software Products and solutions for clients across the globe. Also, it is the sole authorized partner for Texas Instruments India University Program to set up laboratories with MSP430, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and Analog Development Tools.

The workshop aimed at introducing the attendees with the basic concepts of MSP430. MSP430 is an ultra low-power 16-bit microcontroller family from Texas Instruments. MSP430 family of microcontrollers finds widespread use in applications such as energy meters, medical applications, and wireless sensor networks. Modern Day Embedded applications require Ultra Low power Microcontrollers and MSP430 Microcontrollers from TI provide ultimate solution.

The session focused on Assembly language Programming, C Programming and Interrupt-driven programming on MSP430G25531 platform. The workshop helped the students to gain an in depth knowledge of MSP430 TIMER operation, Analog to Digital converter (ADC), interrupts structure and Interface Booster Packs for MSP430Launchpads. The workshop enjoyed an overwhelming response from the students.

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