Where are your balls (read, bots) at ? 'Cause you don't make up for your sins in the church. You do it in the streets.
Now this ain't no street where Brooks or Dunn had found Mary Jane, or where Willie Nelson had his first beer. This one here, is travelled by wiseguys like White Frankie with some Paulie Longo. Get ready for some action down the blocks.
Problem Statement
Drive your manual 4-wheeler robot through the perilous tracks of the JUSC arena in the shortest time.

General Rules
• Each team can consist of a maximum of 5 members.
• The decision of the JUSC officials is final and abiding.

Event Rules

• If a participant crosses a specific obstacle in the arena, points will be given.
• Each time the participant bot touches the boundary of the arena, points will be deducted.
If the bot continues to touch the boundary for more than 5 seconds, it will be considered equivalent of two touches. • The robot can be wired or wireless.
• Participants will have to arrange for any other power supplies required for bot.
• No receiver and transmitter will be provided to the participant.
• LEGO kits or spare mechanical parts are not allowed.
• Participant can skip any obstacle, up to a certain limit, although for each time, points will be deducted.
Additional Details
• Power supply at 220 volts for the bot will be provided.
The arena of the competition is a race track with obstacles. The obstacles may contain uneven surfaces, sand, grease, turns, various types of slopes up to 45 degrees. The other obstacles shall be revealed on the day of the competition.
Robot Specifications
• Maximum dimensions - 30cm x 30cm x 30cm.
• Maximum weight - 3 kg.
• Minimum length between wheels - 20 cm.
• Maximum RPM of motors - 500.
The bot must traverse the complete track in the least possible time by overcoming the obstacles. The event shall have two rounds, Prelims and the Finals. 8 teams with highest scores in the Prelims qualify to the Finals.
The scoring details shall be disclosed on the day of the competition.

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