This year on 11th Jan'2019 we would like to celebrate "MSME Growth Hack 10X" Theme: "IoT to IIoT to Industry 4.0: The Evolution of the Industrial Sector" at Centre of Excellene for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship", GITAM Bangalore in association with various SMEs. Those enterprises, which generally registered as MSME, are the backbone of most economies worldwide and play a key role in developing countries.


  • Raise public awareness about the importance of IoT for MSMEs 

  • Advocate for and provide increased support to MSMEs.

Event Schedule

  • Registration

  • Welcome Speech by Pro-VC, GITAM, Bangalore

  • Inauguration of The Event by Light Lamping

  • Driving Growth Through Centre of Excellence for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship - Dr. Sriram birudavelu Ex-VP-T-Hub, CEO, NASSCOM COE, Hyderabad

  • Importance of Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Development - President, DIA

  • Understanding Cyber Security Landscape - Dr. Lopa Mudraa Basuu, Global CIO, C|CISO, DPO, CRISC, CISM

  • Driving efficiency through Internet of Things- Nagarajan N Managing Director, WIMERA

  • The importance of stringent cyber security measures for SMEs - Ram Kumar G CISM CRISC, PMP, Philips

  • Driving growth for SMEs in India - Gopinath Rao, Asst. Director, MSME DI, Govt of India

  • Understanding the roadmap for MSME Growth Hack 10X - Rahoul Joshi, Expert Management Consultant, Facilitator of Transformation at McKinsey

  • Loan support for SMEs under SIDBI - Shri Srikanth, SIDBI, Bangalore

  • Developing, Designing Industry 4.0 Smart Product - Sunil K Krishna, AeroEuro Engineering India Pvt Ltd, Punj Lyod Company

  • Challenges of SMEs in Technology and Efficiency- Speaker from DIA

  • Thanks giving and Conclusion -CIMSME

Confederation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises is going to celebrate The Day along with it’s local industrial association and government departments.

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